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milkyun 500 watchers raffle! Check it out!

Journal Entry: Sat Jan 28, 2017, 10:07 PM
Hey guys, this artist so freakin' amazing ;__; ~
She's holding a raffle and I just had to enter.
Go check her out if you have time ♥

[ENDED.] 500 watchers raffle!  
(Please reply within 48 hours to claim your prize.)
We've hit 500 watchers!
Thank you to everyone who has been supporting me and my art, first off. There have been quite a few people who I've recognized to be motivators towards continuing to post my art and even friends; a thank you to you guys especially.  A good luck to everyone before I begin going over things, too!
Artimist - Blush / Embarrassed / Shy / Stuttering  salmon heart bullet 
There will be one winner. They will win the following:
A fully colored illustration.
An adopt with a theme of your choosing!
[You certainly can volunteer to offer more prizes.]
Watchers only! New watchers are welcome, just don't watch and unwatch later.
Share it in a journal and favorite~! ;w

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ellebits 100+ Watcher Raffle!

Journal Entry: Sat Nov 19, 2016, 6:17 PM
So the amazing ellebits is doing a raffle for having 100+ watchers.
Well Deserved!

Here's a link to her raffle:
100+ Watchers Raffle OPEN

You could win fabulous art like: 
AT: Vina by ellebits
Or like this:
Rika Chibi by ellebits

Thank for the opportunity Elle!

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